UNAF Announcements
To all possible recruits, please do not fill out the recruitment form at this website, please fill it out at our new website at http://www.theunaf.enjin.com this is our new home. Thank you for your co-operation.
your commander,
Would like to start by thanking everyone for making this clan website a success. Without you we would not be where we are today. With this site we were able to leave post about what was going on. We were also able to keep records of what went on in clan meetings and be able to show other members what went on during that meeting if they weren't able to show up. Also, with the com-chatter members were also able to say what was on there mind. So alot of work went into the site and at times almost daily. Want to thank our prior Commander for caring and all the effort that he did for the site. But now, for us to continue on, we must move to another site. Due to the original owner of this site has left. Without him we could not get this site to the full potential that we would like it to be. In the comming days you will see that most of this site is comming dow, pages will be deleted, noone will be able to post, if you haven't already noticed.
     For us to continue on we must set our sites and ask you to join us on our new beginning with a new website, at http://www.theunaf.enjin.com and for anyone that is interested in joining. If interested please fill out out our recruitment form there. Any questions or comments please message UNAF Twister or UNAF Corpsman on Xbox live or message us on our new website. Commander Frank F. and Officer Cadet Ian. Again, thanks to everyone, and lets make our new site a better one.
Commander Frank F.

Companies are up!

Kaden L. posted Sep 18, 12
After months of procrastination, I finally set up Companies and Squads to accompany them. List is below, site activity reacts to your company. (High site activity puts you in Alpha, low site activity puts you in Zulu, and so on.)

Alpha Company (Company Commander: CDR. Kaden L.)

CDR. Kaden L.
WO. George H.
WO. Joel T.
CPT. Mikeal S.

COL. Frank F.
MWO. Ian T.
SGT. Nicole F.
MWO. Logan


MAJ. Justin B.
CWO. Stephen A.
WO. Derek W.

Zulu Company (Company Commander: MAJ. Matt S.)

MAJ. Matt S.
SGT. John K.
PVT. Austin
CWO. Jake H.

2LT Arnoldo M.
SGT. Zach S.
MCPL. Jakeb T.
WO. Max

Oh, and promotions were handed out. Surprise.

Training- Halo: Reach

Tanner R. x posted Aug 18, 12
I would like to host a training in a few days. There is NO set date, but it will be within the week. I will host the training for the most part, but the high ranks, such as Lt. Col. Frank, or Cmdr. Kaden, will be giving out a lot of the orders, and leading the squads. If we can actually get a few squads on for the training, we can put both to the test with a squad vs. squad match. I'd like people to vote on what map we will be doing first so I'll put a poll beneath.

Ironclad- Storm the fort. Teams switch sides each round. Use cover when in combat or you will most likely be killed.

Lockdown- Urban combat. Use vehicles and crates as cover. High rises across the map will help with tactical height advantages. Multiple health packs.

Overgrown- Simulation combat. Basic combat. Multiple covered areas. No health packs.

More maps coming soon!

Details: Ammo is INFINITE. This does NOT simulate matchmaking, but it makes it so there are not those awkward moments where your all out of ammo so you get into a fist fight.
Everyone starts with one grenade. Use it wisely.
While in the waiting lobby (you may spawn there if your team is not up), do NOT try to kill people. Everyone is invincible, and you'll probably just get chewed out by me, or a high rank if you don't stop.

Hope to see you all at training!
~MWO Tanner Rinard
During a conversation on one of the previous posts, I was given an idea from one of our newest members, KSI (UNAF) Ozone, or Joel, to make a formidable training grounds for the UNAF. The more and more I thought about it, the more I became inspired. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands, using a map provided to me by The Halo Forge Epedemic, NPL Paintball, and turn it into some sort of a "simulation training". There will be 3-5 versions of the map. The first one I had completed, I decided to name Overgrown. Another idea I had for a map was some sort of Urban landscape that utilized vehicles for cover, and with a good grenade lob, the cover would be either moved, or destroyed. I'll be counting on UNAF personnel to provide me with more ideas.
I'll also see if we can get a Squad vs. Squad game going! If we can get more than one team, that would also be great, because the map is designed to have one team pitted against the other while the other team waits for a winner so they can be up next. Keep your minds active and let's get some training sessions started up!